Take a Moment to Find the Lesson

It's just after 7:00am San Francisco time. The morning sky is a mix of gray clouds and rolling fog.  Nicole is still sleeping, cocooned between feather bedding and Frette linens.  I'm in the lobby lounge of our hotel....kicked back on a maroon, club leather chair....doing two of my favorite things: writing and drinking a helluva good cup of coffee. It's interesting....I'm learning that everywhere I go, there are lessons that can be learned through every experience and through every person we meet along the way....you just have to take a moment to find the lesson God is trying to teach. Nicole & I have only been in SFO for 12 hours and have met incredible people like Roy, Joel, & Andrew....they taught us a lesson in genuine kindness and that we always have to do the right thing....even when we don't feel like it. We also met Sony & Jerry, a musician couple that lives here in San Francisco, but called Nashville home for 10 years. They reminded me that you can follow your calling no matter where you end up on this earth.  As for now, there are people outside in orange hats and orange vests building a skyscraper. While I sip on this cup of black coffee, I'm gonna watch and learn how not to fall off the top of a very tall building.  Til next time, live magnificently and love each other well!


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