A Return to Boston

     The last time I visited Boston was nineteen years ago.  At the time, I was working for a very successful, singer-songwriter who had a performance scheduled at The Wang Theatre in the downtown theater district of town.  Never having visited Beantown before (for you trivia buffs, a reference to the very famous picnic and outdoor BBQ staple of Boston baked beans), Nicole and I decided to travel to the city to see my boss in action.  Not only was the concert phenomenal, but we fell in love with the city and vowed to visit it, again....someday....to discover everything it had to offer.  Somtimes, someday doesn't come as soon as we'd like.

     Fast forward to July 2017.  Finally.  A return to Boston...to the City of Champions (again, for you trivia buffs, a reference....here's to Boston's awesome sports teams:  the Red Sox, the Celtics, the Bruins, and the Patriots).  The irony is, this time, we were traveling for another concert.  My concert.  Me.  My voice.  My songs.  And by concert, I mean a very short set.  And no...I didn't perform at The Wang Theatre nor was I backed by the Boston Pops Orchestra.  But I did perform at one of the top 10 pubs in America (thanks to my radio promoter's suggestion), while being supported by the fabulous, Berklee-trained jazz pianist, Marlene del Rosario.  So for all of you who have checked in with me to see how it all went (thanks for caring, btw!), it was an AWESOME experience.  In fact, my wife's critique included words like "Spot On" and "Powerful".  And by the ear-to-ear, beaming smile on Marlene's face, I'd say she was in agreement (and for the record, Marlene...YES...I would love to sit in with your trio the next time I'm in Boston).

     Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.  Til next time, live magnificently and love each other well!