Take a Moment to Find the Lesson

It's just after 7:00am San Francisco time. The morning sky is a mix of gray clouds and rolling fog.  Nicole is still sleeping, cocooned between feather bedding and Frette linens.  I'm in the lobby lounge of our hotel....kicked back on a maroon, club leather chair....doing two of my favorite things: writing and drinking a helluva good cup of coffee. It's interesting....I'm learning that everywhere I go, there are lessons that can be learned through every experience and through every person we meet along the way....you just have to take a moment to find the lesson God is trying to teach. Nicole & I have only been in SFO for 12 hours and have met incredible people like Roy, Joel, & Andrew....they taught us a lesson in genuine kindness and that we always have to do the right thing....even when we don't feel like it. We also met Sony & Jerry, a musician couple that lives here in San Francisco, but called Nashville home for 10 years. They reminded me that you can follow your calling no matter where you end up on this earth.  As for now, there are people outside in orange hats and orange vests building a skyscraper. While I sip on this cup of black coffee, I'm gonna watch and learn how not to fall off the top of a very tall building.  Til next time, live magnificently and love each other well!


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You Gotta Start Somewhere

picture by tere hendricks   

picture by tere hendricks


I am sitting at the desk in my writing room.  A glass of red is within reach.  A small, pewter lamp illuminates my hands as my fingers dash across the computer keyboard.  To my left, I can hear the Summer cicadas singing their rhythmic tune outside the window.  To my right, a large picture hangs...a picture that motivates and inspires me on a daily basis.  It is a picture of a strong and steady horse.  His name is Bold Faith.  Upon a closer look, it is easy to see why that is his name.  His gaze is focused and his stature is self-controlled, although he is surrounded by darkness.  He is looking forward.  Onward.  Into the unknown.  Yet he is ready and waiting for his master's command to move.  Forward.  Onward.  As I look into his eyes, I ponder what his thoughts are.  It's as if he's asking me, "Are you coming with me?  Are you moving forward?"  My answer is simple.  Yes...I want to!  But to be honest, I don't always know how to move forward.  And I am certainly not always sure of my own footing.  But I also realize that sometimes you just have to start....you just gotta start somewhere...even if you can't see what is directly in front of you.  But I suppose that is the essence of faith.  One step.  Then another.  And another.  Especially when you don't know.  In some ways, I suppose that's what this website represents.  The stepping forward into the unknown and revealing another layer of myself.  I am a husband.  A daddy.  A son.  A brother.  A fierce friend.  By day, I am an accountant.  And at every moment, I am an imagineer....and I enjoy writing about the ideas and stories and perspectives and songs that are so graciously given through me.   But this blog just isn't about my life.  I hope you can see your life somewhere among the lines of these pages and stories, too.  If you think about it, it's rather incredible isn't it...if not miraculous...that the God of this Universe has gathered all of us right here at the same time?  I believe it is our duty to connect with one another...to inspire each other daily...to build each other up...to love each other whole-heartedly and unconditionally.  That is my goal.  To connect with you and then for you to connect with others.  This is a journal of my journey into the unchartered depths of a life-long dream.  We all have dreams.  We have passions.  We want to be loved and accepted.  These things are the common threads that tie us together.  Here, you will read about many things in which I hope we can find a common connection:  Travel.  Cooking.  Fitness.  Dreams.  Faith.  Friends.  Family.  Made-up Stories.  Not made-up stories.  Money.  And yes, music.  I'm very excited to include you on this road into the unknown.  As I move forward and onward in my own journey, I pray that you will be inspired to move forward and onward into your own dreams and passions, too.  Til next time, live magnificently and love each other well!